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I am Rohan Chitale, the 4th generation partner in Chitale Dairy looking after the Core Marketing Strategy, Digital Branding, Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Envisioning and Guiding Seamless Product Packaging Design and Digital Restructuring for better customer experience.

I am a designated partner in Nisarga Kimaya Farms and

Founder of Mr Chitale Magic LLP.

My wife, Ishwari is a Co-Founder of Mr Chitale Magic LLP and she is involved in Finance department of the company. Ishwari has a great understanding of design and therefore, forms the core part of our design team and think tank!

For more information on myself and Ishwari, please study and visit all subpages of this website including About Mr Chitale (Rohan Chitale), Grand Piano, Soccer, Chess, Spirituality, Archery, Pool Shots, Magic page for viewing my performances, and About Ishwari.

Imagine This

Take an ordinary deck of cards with you and read their MINDS!

Make impossible looking PREDICTIONS!

Control audience’s minds with MISDIRECTION and Psychological Subtleties!

You will learn HYPER VISUAL Card Changes and Outstanding Flourishes!

Melting Coins from Bottom to Top of Hand and SO MUCH MORE!

12 Total Magic Tricks

(9 Card Tricks and 3 Coin Magic Effects) plus 9 Card Flourishes

Taught with 13 Years of Expertise.

I am giving you the BEST of the Best material that I personally use!

These are not the tricks that you will learn and keep away. These are the tricks that you will Keep, Practice, Astonish people and cherish for the REST of your life!

9 Spectacular Card Magic Tricks

  • Mysterious Cards Turnover: With a snap of the Magician, all cards turnover to reveal the spectator’s selected card in a mysterious way!
  • Mind Reading Magic: Looking into the eyes of the Spectator, you reveal the card received by the spectator!
  • Find Chosen Card with Random Selections by the Spectator: The spectators find their selected card themselves by taking random but predestined decisions!
  • Finding Selected Card with Stranger Spectator’s Information: Magician is able to find the chosen card of a complete stranger spectator in a way that is inexplicable!
  • Enchanting Prediction Effect From Shuffled Deck of Cards: The Magician NEVER touches the deck… yet he is able to predict a completely random card from a shuffled deck handled by the spectators from start to end!
  • Prediction Via Visual Misdirection Card Trick: You can misdirect the spectators so much with your cunning words that even the most serious spectators will not know how you were able to know the selected card with a freely called out number.
  • Hyper Visual Card Change: Magician can use this “change effect” to turn a random card into spectator’s selection!
  • Super Visual Bullet Card Change: This effect can be used as a quick Magical presentation to establish your Rapport with the spectators.
  • Top Card Melting: You will keep this effect with you forever and perform it everywhere you go! It is a stunning routine that can send shivers of mystery and induce laughter in spectators!

3 Striking Coin Magic Effects

  • Mystical Coin Vanish in Thin Air: You will be able to do this trick at a moments notice anywhere! You just have to have a coin and that’s it!
  • Stunning Coin Vanish: This effect is very helpful when people ask us…to show them something quick!
  • Coin Melting Through Hands: This is an astounding effect and all people love it! There is only one coin involved (it can be even signed with a permanent marker) and it automatically melts through your hand and comes to the top!

9 Outstanding Card Flourishes

  • Expert details and pro tips will be provided to you for learning extraordinary card flourishes such as Shuffles, Card Fans of different types, Mysterious Bullet Card Catches and So Much More!
Requirements: Regular Normal Deck of Playing Cards, Coins and the Desire to Perform Magic!

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