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The Spiritual Student!

Nrushimha Saraswati Swami Maharaj

(Supreme Personality of Godhead)

The Greatest, Lord Dattatreya’s (Lord of Yoga) 2nd Incarnation who blessed our town of Bhilawadi, now known as Audumbar. Because of his blessings alone, our town has turned into a land of opportunity and helps us serve the needy and actively engage in social service while following ethical business practices.

Sant Dnyaneshwar Mauli

Greatest of the saints to have placed his holy feet on earth and was the single reason for developing my interest in spirituality.

Swami Swaroopananda of Pawas

My favorite saint of the 20th Century, full with all Divine Qualities and Supreme Power.

Yogeeraj Gulawani Maharaj of Pune

My Sadguru Dev, Maharaj was an incarnation of Lord Dattatreya and is still continuing his work through Vasudev Niwas by giving the Greatest Deeksha/Initiation for Free! Look nowhere and pay no one if you want to get enlightened!

Website with information in Marathi:

Website with information in English:

Learn everything about Maha Yoga and make sure to watch full video as Shree Joshi Kaka Maharaj will himself explain how this works and how simple and great it is!

Rare, non religious but Spiritual Information from the Great Dada Gavand:

Best and Practical information in Marathi on Spirituality by Sudesh Chogle (Krishnadasji):


I do not know how to write this in a humble manner. Please forgive if this will sound loud.

This is written only for potential seekers…especially the young generation who can read and develop real interest in spirituality.

I am as ordinary as anyone else (This is not a fake humble statement but a fact 😀). I just want to share this information for some future seekers as it might help them in finding the right books and masters to start their spiritual search. I just feel fortunate to have been guided by genuine masters so that I could walk on this path without getting myself trapped in following fake gurus or unenlightened intellectuals.

The intent of this writing is not to talk about myself or promote anything. The writer is not important….absolutely unimportant. Please read and enjoy!

Usually, people read about some fake money-making gurus indulged into developing “courses”, “engineering”, “programs” and what not to find the truth of life which requires nothing but personal investigation or Sadhana. One does not need to pay even $1 dollar to any “self-proclaimed gurus” or “sadgurus” to find out the truth! This does not mean a Guru is unnecessary or necessary but finding genuine gurus is extremely rare. Usually what we see is outside appearance, large beards and strong command on English but this is absolutely illusory. Read the books given below in the list and you will find out for yourself how genuine enlightened sages act! You can find Jiddu Krishnamurti shutting people off when they started to clap!! Where can you find such people today?! They just need claps and attention…

What is needed is, personal Sadhana/Investigation to purify the inner conditioning and allow the divine to function inside.

Read Dada Gavand’s book named “Intelligence Beyond Thought” to know exactly what has to be done to reach the higher dimension of consciousness. After reading hundreds of books, I am naming this book because, quite honestly, I did not come across any other book that explains the process of Sadhana as good as this one. Truly Unique!

Why I started learning about Spirituality?

(still learning…)

When I was in 10th (standard) grade, I used to ask my mother “Who are We” in essence? What is God exactly? Why is the world like this? I have only found intellectual answers but I am confident to find actual answers soon….

Earlier, I believe when I was 13-14 years old, I was wondering, who is the “I” that is present in me that is laughing and joyful currently?

After “I (Rohan Chitale)” will go away from this world, there will be someone else in the world thinking about how happy he/she is!

His/her feeling, thoughts will be different. But his knowledge of “I” will be the same.

Therefore, I started investigating what is this thing called “I” in essence?!…
I could not come to any conclusion intellectually. Later, I figured out that it is not an intellectual matter but requires profound direct perception of “What Is” instead of just speculating or talking about it.

Back to the story…

My mother’s father (My maternal grandfather) Mr. Mukund Mone was competent in philosophical matters, had command over Sanskrit and he used to read the great book called Dnyaneshwari and also Bhagwad Geeta. My mother asked me to go to him and get all questions clarified.

Coincidentally, my maternal grandfather was staying with us during that time. So after a deep discussion with him, he asked me to read Bhagwad Geeta so that I can find answers to all my questions.

Following that, I started reading a small Marathi Booklet with Sanskrit Shlokas and was little bit satisfied. But the author of the translation, not being enlightened himself, could not elaborate on the hidden Yogic meanings of the great Shlokas in Geeta. That’s exactly what happened when I read the Bhagwad Geeta “as it is” and so on. I am sure the authors weren’t enlightened but just intellectuals who offered translation and stories. These books didn’t create much impact.

After a year passed, when I was in 11th and 12th grade, I casually picked up the book that was placed inside a small cupboard (brought by my mother long time ago) called:

Dnyaneshwari – The masterpiece for eons to come….bar none!

(For reference, the Dnyaneshwari I read was Mamasaheb Dandekar’s Dnyaneshwari in Marathi)

After reading hundreds of genuine spiritual books, articles, materials and sayings until now, I can definitely say that “Dnyaneshwari” is indeed something special and unique!

No one in the family read this book that was lying there for years…Somehow, I picked up and prayed to the greatest saint to shower his grace upon me and guide me in this rather incredible and mystical path. Considering the fact that, I had started all my education in English school, (although, the plus point was, I had taken Sanskrit for three years and used to be on top of that study. My pronunciations and recitation of Sanskrit Stotras was mostly flawless.) it came as a great surprise that, I could very well understand what the author was pointing to (Not totally- as that can only happen after one is enlightened).

I remember very well that every day after college, I used to go to my room, lock the door and read…most of the time it was for 3 hours or more. I don’t remember the exact days but I feel after 3 months, I completed reading everything from preface to end!

After I started reading this gem, I soon realized that this is what I was searching for…But when I came to the 6th Adhyay/Chapter of Dnyaneshwari, I was severely shocked….so much so, that it had a staggering impact on me. It changed the whole course of life for me. Initially, I thought this is impossible. I couldn’t share this feeling with anyone because no one could comprehend it. I was sure this was beyond any ordinary person’s vision, dream or imagination.

……From 2011 to 2016, I never listened or to be precise I could not listen to any Bollywood music or follow the path of mundane people. I used to travel 60 kms every day for college (11th and 12th grade) to Sangli from Bhilawadi and come back home again. That time, I used to listen to nice Sanskrit Stotras, great Marathi poems written by the saints and study its hidden meanings whenever I found time after the study routine. But after this period, everything is balanced.

I understood that spirituality can be followed in daily routine and by giving only an hour for this quiet sitting session. It is also advisable to not do only spirituality but to focus more on daily work so that the remaining time can be utilized better for family and spiritual work.

After finishing Dnyaneshwari, I smiled and bowed down to the legend of the legends! (16 year old master Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and his knowledge was and is absolutely unearthly….Incomparable to anyone of our times or the past). After that, I read the “Amrutanubhav” (which was even more mind-blowing) by Dnyaneshwar Maharaj (translated by Vishnubuva Jog Maharaj if I remember correctly).

……Other sudden impact: Earlier in life, I was vegetarian but somehow due to force from some family members and family friends when I was a kid,…..I started eating non vegetarian dishes. This turned out to be my favorite food whenever going out for dinner with family…

This continued until I read these greatest of the writings and suddenly realized…This is what I want to pursue in life. It was such a deep feeling that I became passionate about Spirituality and I decided from that time on…This quality of living is my highest priority of life.

Deep sense of passion automatically arose inside me to find out all questions by myself and not to satisfy for mere words or continuing reading same material for thousands of times again and again….

I did NOT and cannot believe that only the great ones are born to find this Truth about life…This is only an “escape phrase” written and said by people who have wasted all their life in reading endlessly…or doing “Guru Business” or just making a show of spirituality and doing everything outside (such as creating groups, doing social poojas, yadnyas etc)…! But never sitting quietly to observe the immense flow of thoughts inside.

I wanted and still need direct experience to satisfy my quest…This is like eating a nice Chocolate cake…We cannot ever be satisfied by listening to what others are describing…”This is a great sumptuous cake”…..But until I eat it myself and directly experience it, I cannot fake the happiness and feeling of contentment.

Therefore, the real search started within because of the Grace of the Supreme and to my utmost surprise, my total attraction for eating non vegetarian food absolutely vanished as if it was never there…!! I did not leave it. The attraction left me automatically. I still feel astonished…

After that, I have lived for 6 years in the USA for my bachelor of science in Marketing, Global MBA and Digital Marketing job but Never Ever did the thought of eating non veg, going to pubs, having drinks arose inside me. This all is definitely and most certainly not my achievement but just the Grace of the divine and the masters who kept check on me.

I was so sure about this that no friends, family members and colleagues could move me away from my decision. This does Not mean I didn’t participate or engage with friends…

I went out to mostly decent places but remained untouched by their vibes. I did not hate anyone for what they were doing (I just accepted the world as it is and said its really nice the way it is!). I have a deep conviction that humans are just instruments that are moved by a divine overwhelming force in whatever direction the supreme wills!

Because of this, there should be No room for either Pride or Guilt…as made famous by the great Saint, Ramesh Balsekar. This conviction of Ramesh Balsekar makes life really easy because “Whatever Happens” we can say quite confidently, ‘it could not have happened the other way”!! Everything is predestined….

After reading Dnyaneshwari, surprisingly and in most astonishing ways, I started to find out very rare books of Spiritual materials from Upanishadic times to 21st Century. Sometimes, I used to come across such books by myself, some unknown people also sent me books after asking them or some family friends (having library in their homes,) used to give me great books like: The Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhamsa Yogananda etc…

As mentioned here previously, I was keen to find out whether I can develop the qualities mentioned in the 6th Adhyay of Dnyaneshwari. But the path was so difficultly explained that one would wonder whether all this is practically possible in this age…! And to my surprise again, Yes this all was possible!

I found out about a great tradition of mystics going all the way back to the Great First Guru, Lord Mahadev. From him came the highest form of Yoga called by different names:

Mahayoga (The greatest of all Yogas), SiddhaYoga, RajaYoga etc etc…All pointing to one kind of Yoga…

Without planning anything, we watched the documentary of Pratibhatai Chitale regarding her experience of doing Narmada Parikrama. Therefore, while casually searching on YouTube related to Narmada Parikrama, I found out about Shri Jagannath Kunte and therefore, ended up buying some of his books on Spirituality mentioned in the “book list” at the bottom of this page.

From these books, I came to know about the Mahayoga Shaktipat Deeksha work being done by Vasudev Niwas, Pune (Mahayoga Deeksha = Transmission of Spiritual Power from an Enlightened Master or Guru to awaken the Kundalini Energy in human beings without paying any money and without requirements of being from certain religion, gender, nationalities or sects of society). I want to point out one great thing that has happened because of Jagannath Kunte’s books. It has basically made genuine places like “Vasudev Niwas Pune”, reach the common masses.

Because of this natural happening, I came to know of the “easiest” yet the highest of all paths to begin on the Spiritual Path.

Later on, genuine Enlightened Master pointed out to me that, enlightenment or the path of Spirituality is much beyond only having special experiences and doing Parikrama etc. Real thing is in undergoing complete transformation of the mind and its compulsive drives and not in having mere divine experiences.

Therefore, even after having this Shaktipat Deeksha, one has to do daily Sadhana or Personal Observation of “What Happens Within” to find out about genuine spirituality. For this, no other book or information is as succinct as Dada Gavand’s book “Intelligence Beyond Thought”.

A Yoga where the seeker just sits in a comfortable posture without any stress on body. Closes eyes and just observes what happens inside. In this path, after the Master’s grace the awakened Kundalini shakti/energy starts its purification process and takes the seeker ultimately towards enlightenment. Daily “Sitting” or “Baithak” (in Marathi) is needed.

Awakening can happen suddenly after master’s grace for some great men or it can be a slow process depending on the destiny of the individual (That’s what I learnt…Not my knowledge).

For doing this, NO “money”, “programs”, “engineering” or “courses” are needed!!!

I have personally found no other description of what “Sadhana” is, better than the one provided by Dada Gavand in his book “Intelligence Beyond Thought”. This book has all that one needs to know about Sadhana to start the search.

One has to just sit calmly with eyes closed and observe everything that happens inside until the eyes open again and one can start daily work…! Is there anything simpler in this world than this?!

Therefore, I thought, it will be great if I share the list of genuine spiritual books written by real enlightened mystics so that seekers like me don’t fall for any fake person with millions of disciples and conducting immense money business that is entirely unnecessary, irrelevant and deadly…..ultimately, for both the gurus and confused disciples.

Thank you for reading! Now time to have a nice Coffee.

List of Books Studied by Me

These books were of paramount importance in figuring out various aspects of spirituality and what “genuine spirituality” actually means. All authors of the following books are enlightened sages and this will be of great help for anyone who wants to tread the path of real spirituality.

  1. Dnyaneshwari by Mamasaheb Dandekar – very special

  2. Swami Swaroopananda Pawas Charitra

  3. Beyond the Mind Dada Gavand – very special

  4. Towards the Unknown by Dada Gavand

  5. Intelligence beyond thought by Dada Gavand – very special

  6. Living with Himalayan Masters by Swami Rama

  7. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhams Yogananda – very special

  8. Mundaka Upanishad by Swami Rama

  9. Mandukya Upanishad

  10. Kathopanishad

  11. ShreeKrishnaSaraswati Swami Charitra Gutika by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  12. Swaroop Charitramrut by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)very special

  13. Swantah Sukha Lahari by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  14. (Rare Information in Marathi on Spirituality)

  15. Swaroopananda Swami Athavani noted by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  16. Shrikrishna Saraswati Vijay Saramrut by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  17. Parampoojya Appanche (Madhavrao Tikekar Maharaj) Manogat by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)very special

  18. Apprenticed to Himalayan Masters by Sri M

  19. Narmade Har by Jagannath Kunte

  20. Narmade Har Har by Jagannath Kunte

  21. Dhuni by Jagannath Kunte – very special

  22. Nitya Niranjan by Jagannath Kunte – very special

  23. Final understanding by Ramesh Balsekar

  24. Amrutanubhav by Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

  25. DnyanGanj by Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj – very special

  26. Swami Mhane Amalananda

  27. Ek Aloukik Rajyogi on Swami Swaroopananda Pawas – very special

  28. Eka Naath Siddha Yogyache Atmavrutta by Vibhakar Lele – very special

  29. Awakening of Kundalini by Gopi Krishna

  30. Biological Basis of Religion and Genius by Gopi Krishna

  31. Enlightened Living by Ramesh Balsekar

  32. Smartrugaminchya Smruti Yogeeraj Gulawani Maharaj – very special

  33. Loknath Teerth Swami Maharaj Charitra

  34. Sadguru Sadhak Susamvad Yogeeraj Gulawani Maharaj

  35. Bhagwad Geeta by Swami Rama

  36. Geeta booklet by Vinoba Bhave

  37. Atmaprabha by Gajanan Maharaj Gupte Nashik

  38. Gajanan Maharaj Pothi Shegaon

  39. Swami Samartha Leelamrut Akkalkot

  40. Swami Samartha Charitra

  41. Shreepad Vallabh Charitra

  42. Guru Charitra

  43. Patanjal Yogsutra in Marathi (Summarized Study)

  44. Dnyandev Gatha

  45. Tukaram Gatha

  46. Namdev Gatha

  47. Who am I by Ramana Maharshi

  48. Yogada Shree Dnyaneshwari by Vibhakar Lele

  49. Talks with Shri Raman Maharshi

  50. Shape of Events to Come by Gopi Krishna

  51. The Real Nature of Mystical Experience by Gopi Krishna

  52. Jiddu Krishnamurti Notebook

  53. Sant Eknath Charitra

  54. Changdev Pasashti by Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

  55. Amrut Dhara by Swami Swaroopananda Pawas

  56. Abhang Dnyaneshwari by Swami Swaroopananda Pawas

  57. Bhavartha Geeta by Swami Swaroopananda Pawas

  58. Nityapath Dnyaneshwari by Swami Swaroopananda Pawas

  59. Yogeeraj Gulawani Maharaj Charitra

  60. Shankar Maharaj Dhankavdi Charitra

  61. Meditation and its Practice by Swami Rama

  62. Path of Fire and Light by Swami Rama

  63. Kundalini the Evolutionary Energy in Man by Gopi Krishna

  64. 3 Pravachane by Swami Swaroopananda Pawas

  65. Sanjivani Gatha by Swami Swaroopananda of Pawas

  66. Haripath by Dnyaneshwar Maharaj

  67. Works of Paramhams Yogananda

  68. Dhananjay by Rajendra Kher – very special

  69. Mahabharat in English

  70. Baba Belsare Pravachans on Dnyaneshwari

  71. Jiddu Krishnamurti Talks

  72. Dada Gavand Talks

  73. Ramesh Balsekar Talks

  74. Pandit Gopi Krishna Interviews

  75. Babamaharaj Arvikar 2 speeches

  76. Manache Shlok by Samartha Ramdas Swami

  77. KarunaTripadi

  78. Datta Puran talk by Kishorji Vyas

  79. Divyatvachi Jethe Prachiti by Pramod Kene on Girnar Parikrama – very special

  80. The Mother by Sri Aurobindo (Yogi Arvind)

  81. Swaroop Siddhi Sutre by Swami Swaroopananda noted by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  82. Sant Baba Maharaj Arvikar Charitravery special

  83. Swaroop Sopan Soham by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  84. Swaroop Sukanya Yamutai Kulkarni by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  85. Shree Amrut Saar by Krishnadasji (Sudesh Chogle)

  86. Kalki Puran (10th Avatar of Lord Vishnu Story)

  87. Girnar – Divyatvachi Jethe Prachiti Part 2 by Pramod Kene – very special

  88. Girnar – Divyatvachi Jethe Prachiti Part 3 by Pramod Kene – very special

  89. Prakashputra by Jagannath Kunte – very special

  90. Kalindi by Jagannath Kunte

  91. SadhanaMasta by Jagannath Kunte – very special

  92. Datta Mahatmya by Paramhansa Parivrajakacharya Vasudevananda Swaraswati Tembe Swami Maharaj

  93. Daivi Shaktiche Sankraman by Param Poojya Shree Yogeeraj Gulawani Maharaj

  94. Saad Deti Himshikhare (Towards the Silver Crest of the Himalayas) by G K Pradhan – very special

  95. Chit Shakti Vilas by Baba Muktananda Paramhamsa – very special

  96. Gondavlekar Maharaj Charitra by K V Belsare – very special

  97. A Pilgrimage Unto Oneself (Talks by Dada Gavand) by Vipin Bhalla

  98. Adhyatmachya Vatewar by Pramod Kene

  99. Ramkrishna Maharaj Biography Bhakta Yogyachi Ananda Sadhana by Jayant Bhadang (Char Dham Yatra Information and Experiences)

  100. Devbhoomi Uttarakhand Char Dham Yatra Mahiti Pustak in Marathi

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