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Ishwari Chitale

Ishwari is a Co-Founder of Mr Chitale Magic LLP and she is involved in Finance department of the company. Ishwari has a great understanding of design and therefore, forms the core part of our design team and think tank!

Note this, the website you are reading currently, would NOT have been possible without help from Ishwari in designs, layout changes and taking care of all my needs, as I was staying awake day/night almost for a month to make this website a reality and not just a vision!

Ishwari is MBA topper in her college concentrating in Finance and Marketing. She is extremely creative and does really beautiful paintings. Ishwari is a certified “Yoga Master” as she has been able to achieve extraordinary Yoga-Asanas and has displayed it at state level championships.

I have a strong conviction that she is gifted with miraculous hands to manifest the beauty present within, in the outside world through the media of creative painting! Below, you will find her creativity:


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