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About Mr. Chitale

Rohan Chitale (Mr. Chitale 🎩) is a multiple international level soccer champion and has captained the Indian team at Gothenburg Sweden, Frederikshavn Denmark and Portugal.

Rohan has done Global MBA from Northern Illinois University, USA (Global Strategic Management) and has successfully completed Master of International Management Program from Sapienza University Rome, Italy. Prior to that he has done Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University, USA.

Rohan Chitale (In Magician’s Spirit referred to as Mr. Chitale 🎩), is a 4th generation business partner at Chitale Dairy and is looking after Core Marketing Strategy, Retail Marketing Campaign Development, Chitale Xpress Branding and Chatbot Development, Corporate Brand and Drone Film Direction, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Guiding Seamless Product Packaging Designs and Digital Restructuring for better Customer Experience.

See About me info, Spirituality, “Magic” and “Filmmaking” on this website for complete information on Mr. Chitale (Rohan Chitale).

He is involved in guiding the design of Chitale Xpress Website ( and Interactive Chat Bot Development.

Rohan is a designated partner in Nisarga Kimaya Farms ( and Founder of “Magic Beyond Genius” Filmmaking – ( Here, he is involved in Core Strategy, Website Direction, Corporate Branding Films, Retail Channel Development and Enhancing Security Systems.

At the same time, Rohan Chitale and his wife, Ishwari Chitale are Co-Founders of “Mr Chitale Magic LLP” and have launched a Sensational Beginner’s Magic Course!

Mr. Chitale is an elite level Magician🎩, creative Chess Player and has expertise in playing Grand Piano 🎹. He also loves to shoot Compound Bow 🏹 and spends time in playing 8 Ball Pool🎱! He is deeply interested in Spirituality and you can check his personal story on that topic on this website by clicking the links below.

Please click on About Me, Magic, Spirituality and Himalayas visit to see all his magic videos, Piano performances, stories and all other information available on this website.

Knowing Iowa State University’s wonderful business management programs, he decided to pursue Marketing as his undergraduate major and completed bachelor of science in Marketing from ISU.

After that, he did his Global MBA from Northern Illinois University and successfully completed Master of International Management program from University of Sapienza, Rome, Italy.

Mr. Chitale has worked in Des Moines, Iowa and Los Angeles, California in brand management, consumer intelligence and companywide strategic action areas. These experiences and rare knowledge has prepared him to develop international business acumen by collaborating with teams across the globe.

Now For The Interesting Part

From donning the role of captain of the Indian team that appeared for the world famous Gothia Cup (World youth soccer cup) at Gothenburg, Sweden, 61st FISEC-Futsal games at Portugal and the DANA cup at Frederikshavn, Denmark are among the manifold soccer championships he has lead across different countries. He has also captained Maharashtra State Team at National Level championship in Bijapur, Karnataka, India and came first in a penalty shootout.

Mr. Chitale has also lead the Sangli district team in Pune and Nashik for the state level championship. He always came First in no matter which sport he played…whether that be High Jump, Triple Jump, 100 meter Sprint and Relay Race.

Mr. Chitale is a self-made Magician and his sleight of hand and expertise in Card Magic has been appreciated by people throughout the world. To see Amazing Magical Moments Captured on Camera, click here on Magical Moments.

Gold Gilded Butterfly Playing Cards Magic and Flourishes

Mr. Chitale got a signed card from Penn Jillette as Penn was impressed by Mr. Chitale's Magic after the Show!

Being gifted with dexterous fingers, he has showcased his Grand Piano proficiency in various stage performances. Apart from that, he is a creative Chess player, Compound bow shooter, 8-ball Pool player and an Arm-wrestler!

Requiem For A Dream

Mr. Chitale Evaluating the Best Move!

Mr. Chitale Taking Aim!

8 Ball Pool Trick Shot

From childhood, Mr. Chitale has a deep interest in Spirituality and he has a profound interest in the esoteric writings of the greatest saints and mystics. This ranges from the Upanishads, Bhagwad Geeta, Dnyaneshwari and biographies of the saints.

Rohan Chitale (Mr. Chitale) Resume

Applause & Amazement

Oh Man….Awesome!!! (Penn instantly signed the card and gave it to Mr. Chitale 🎩 after showing him a great trick!)

Penn JillettePenn and Teller Magic

Mr. Chitale 🎩 is an Ultra Talented Commodity!

Akshaya GargBest Friend from ISU, Co-founder Thelagaadi

No cheap tricks, no camera gimmicks! I have seen him read people's minds. And literally move objects with his mind!

Prasad KhareSVP - Citi Bank

Mr. Chitale your magic is mind-blowing!!!

Dr. Bart SharpGlobal MBA Professor NIU, Strategic Management

Mr. Chitale, how the hell do you do that?! Oh My GOD!!!”

Chris SelgradBest Friend, Global MBA at NIU

काय करतोस कळत नाही बुवा आपल्याला😀!

Sudesh ChogleSoftware Engineer, Author:

Rohan, the Supreme does the same thing!
मंत्र-विद्या-बळे| टाकी "जादूगार"|
बांधोनि नजर| आणिकांची||

Suresh RanadePresident’s Award, Captain, BSF Indian Army

Awesome Magic Mr. Chitale! Eager to see it soon!!

Jintendra RaghuvirWorld Famous Indian Magician

Welcome to our world of Filmmaking that is “Beyond Genius”

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